Sun and shade: why all shade isn’t equal

Most people have a rough idea of where the sunny and shady spots are in their garden, but it’s worth looking at this in more detail. Partly this is to help you decide where’s the best place for a barbecue, or a seating area for that evening G&T!

It’s important to understand about shade when deciding what plants should go where in your garden. Plant guides tend to talk about ‘full sun’, ‘half sun’ and ‘full shade’, so we’ll look at what this means and other clues about the plant to help you decide what will work well in different situations.

All shade isn’t equal! If you want to understand a bit more about different types of shade, and why it’s important for plants, this article explains it well: Understanding Shade in the Garden

The key to a successful garden full of flourishing plants is to start by understanding the conditions in your garden and choosing plants which will be happy there.

We’ll be using (This is available for Android phones, and also as a website which does the same thing). It shows the sun’s path at different times of year, the direction of shadows and shadow length for different heights of objects. This information will enable us to track the shade in your garden at key points during the year.

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