Soil and why it’s important

Please read pages 52-53 of RHS How to Garden.

We’ll look at why soil type is important and how to find out what sort of soil you’ve got. Pages 52-53 gives some good advice on soil identification, if you don’t already know what you’ve got. Seaford has areas mainly of clay, or chalk – so it’s likely you’ll have one or the other.

It can be useful to look at this site, which will tell you the underlying geology, but if your garden has been used and worked for many years, or has been created as part of a new build project, for example, the actual soil in your garden might be quite different!

Don’t rush out to buy a soil test kit as we’ll look at this together and it might not be necessary.

Image credits:
Sprouts, Chester Creek, Duluth” (CC BY 2.0) by Sharon Mollerus

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