Annuals, Biennials and bedding plants

Annuals and biennials:

Annuals live for one year, and are usually grown from seed whereas biennials take two years to grow and flower. Generally speaking, these plants need much more work, although some, once established, will seed themselves in your garden. Annuals include sunflowers, cosmos and cornflowers. Foxgloves are an example of biennials. (RHS How to Garden Pages 111-115)

Bedding plants:

These are the packs of plants you can buy in the garden centre. They are very tempting and are great for splashes of colour, especially in pots. However, they will usually only last you one year (they usually won’t survive frost) so it can be an expensive way to garden.

I’ll be adding more information about annuals, bienniels and bedding plants as we go.

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