The real story of Santa Claus?

Most of us remember learning the truth about Father Christmas, and discovering our parents were engaged in an elaborate web of deceit. An old man dressed in red climbing down a chimney? Flying reindeer? The North Pole? How could we believe such stories! But according to one theory, the myths about Santa Claus aren’t so … Read more

Gardening for butterflies

You can find plenty of information in books and online about making your garden more wildlife-friendly: adding a pond, or leaving an area untended can really help. However, this doesn’t work for all of us. Your garden might be too small, you might have young children or perhaps (like me!) you like things a bit … Read more

Choosing a greenhouse

For gardeners, buying a greenhouse opens up all sort of exciting new opportunities: propagating your own plants; growing vegetables or even exotic, tropical plants. However, budget and space usually means compromises, so it’s worth deciding what’s most important and doing some research in order to make the right choice. So, before you rush out and … Read more

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