Easy vegetables

To grow vegetables successfully you need space, a sunny spot and sun. the last is probably the most important: most vegetables really do need a sunny spot – trying to grow them in shade or semi-shade won’t really work. Not only will the vegetables fail to thrive, but they’ll become slug and snail magnets.

Most of the vegetables I’m recommending can be grown in a small space, and can also be grown in pots, growbags or raised beds, so if you want to grow these, you may well be able to fit them into whatever sunny space you have free – even if it’s quite small.

If you’ve got a greenhouse, you can extend your range of vegetables – some , eg tomatoes or cucumbers, have different varieties for indoor or outdoor growing.

There’s loads of excellent information on vegetable growing in books and online, so my aim here is just to give you a few pointers and add some links. Sometimes too much information can be a problem, especially from keen vegetable growers. After all, we just want a few vegetables to eat ourselves – we’re not aiming for Best in Show!

If you’re interested in growing some veg, we can, of course, look at this in more detail during the course, and I’ll add more information if it’s requested!

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Potatoes
  • Runner beans
  • Courgettes