Textbook, a few of my favourite gardening books and useful websites

Text book:

There are lots of great gardening books around, and some really useful websites. To start off, however, we’ll be using the RHS How to Garden, and referring to it as we go.

 A few of my favourite gardening books:

There are literally thousands of gardening books available – and I do mean literally! (Amazon lists over 50,000). So really, it comes down to your own preference. However, these are a few books and authors I think are useful if you’re starting out:

Alan Titchmarsh “How to Garden” series: he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but this series is very useful if you’re looking for ideas. I’ve added a link to one on Container Gardening, but there’s “Plants for shade”, “Climbers”, “Greenhouse Gardening” – just about everything really. His plant lists tend to include commonly found plants – so you won’t find anything really exotic, but you will probably find most of his suggestions at the local garden centre. Alan Titchmarsh’s “The Complete How To Be a Gardener” is also a useful introduction to gardening.

RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers. Most of the information in this book is also on the RHS website, but if you’re a book person, then this is the gardener’s bible! You can usually pick up cheap, second hand copies of the older editions if you’re not too worried about the latest cultivars.

RHS What Plant Where: a good book if you’re looking for inspiration for particular situations. There are sections on, for example: shade, sun, different seasons etc. However, maybe it’s just me but I find the indexing system very confusing – it’s easier to flick through until you find what you want!

Useful websites:

RHS: the absolute authority on everything gardening-related, but can be a bit over-complex for beginners. We’ll be looking at how to use their website and decode their information!

Gardeners’ World: very useful website for advice, how-to videos and some great forums with really helpful people. You can also get Gardeners’ World magazine online free from East Sussex Libraries.

Crocus: an online nursery website, with lots of useful information about plants. (But remember they’re trying to sell you things!)

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