Garden design equipment

Garden design equipment:

As part of the course, we’ll be looking at how to draw up a scale plan of your garden. You’ll need some measuring and drawing equipment. The links are only to show you examples – if you shop around and look online you’ll find lots to choose from. You’ll need:

  • 30m tape measure, like this one
  • Drawing equipment: pencils, rubbers, sharpeners, coloured pencils
  • A black, fine-tipped pen for outlining your drawings
  • Pad of A3 white paper and tracing paper (unless your garden is more than about 18m x 12m, in which case you’ll need A2 size).
  • Scale ruler, with 1:50 scale, like this one
  • A drawing compass set, like this one – ie something that allows you to draw larger circles than a standard compass.
  • A4 Notebook for your sketches, ideas and notes.
  • It’s useful to have a few small bulldog clips, or something similar, to hold everything together and a board or old book to lean on when you’re in the garden.
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