The gardener’s year

British weather has always been famous for its unpredictability, but in recent years, this has become more pronounced. Traditional gardening advice such as to ‘wait until danger of frost has passed’, or lists of month-by-month tasks are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

As gardeners, we need to become more flexible and observant, and carry out seasonal tasks based on what we see in our gardens and our skies, rather than what books tell us to do month by month.

It also helps to understand the life-cycle of different types of plants, and the triggers which cause them to start and stop growing. We’ll look at this during the course.

Finally, we often just have to do things when we have time, or when we can get around to it. Gardening should always be a pleasure, not a stress, and most of the time your plants won’t notice you’re doing something a bit late, and will be just fine!


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