My favourite shrubs for chalky soil

A lot of my customers in and around Seaford have chalky soil. Just take a look at the Seven Sisters cliffs to see why! Some plants struggle in chalk: after all, it’s dry, alkaline and low in nutrients. Most people know to steer clear of rhododendrons, but several other plants fail to thrive in chalk. Before you buy a new plant, check what sort of soil it likes. Yellowing leaves can be a sign that a plant is suffering in alkaline soil when it prefers something more acidic.

However plenty of plants love chalky soil. When it comes to shrubs, many are those which originated in the Mediterranean – such as lavender, rosemary or cistus. You can find a full list of shrubs recommended by the RHS for chalky soil here, but I’ve listed a few of my favourites below and will be updating my Pinterest Board with more photos. These are shrubs which, from experience, do well in this area.

Shrubs for chalk soil:

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